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Ken Krath
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Please check out my channel:…

Loves writing. Been working on a project for 5 years now and turned to Deviant art to bring my piece alive visually. I do not believe I have the writing skill to bring a book to life so I'm trying an alternate method :)



I'm looking for an artist to color all of the panel art located in the following folder:

Commission Folder

Serious requests only and I will not respond to SPAM replies on this thread. Please post your price to complete all the panels either on this thread or through PM. If you need additional information I will be happy to answer it for you. I will not respond to PM or replies without a price unless you are asking for additional information or clarification.

Please note that the art was created by CarloGarde and not by me. The folder will be deleted once I find a colorist so please do not favorite, comment, or like anything in the folder. If you do like the artist's work and want to support him the art can be found on artist's deviant art page.

Information regarding the project or to see what the project is about and how your talents might be used examples can be found here as well as here.

Thanks for your interest.
***Winner announced***


Congratulations to mso-hessai for submitting the title, Atis's Gaze, and winning 2000 pts. Unfortunately we didn't have the 100 entries for 4000 pts to be awarded. I appreciate all of the submissions. I wanted to announce a winner earlier, but there were so many great title submitted.

I will have some easy project related point giveaways in a few months so stay tuned [or watch] if you like free points!!! 

Again thanks to everyone who participated. 

Very easy contest!!!

I need a title for my Kinetic [Graphic] Novel. The rules are simple, simply watch the two videos (or not) and send me a title that you think is suitable. I have made some small monetary transactions to brainstorm a title for my project and have yet to receive a good one, so instead of wasting money on one individual maybe I should have a simple contest. I will give some highlights to what I'm looking for as well as some contest rules:

-Title should be unique so that I can create a website out of it (.com).
-Prefer a title that can be quoted by a character. You may notice that the title of the two episodes are actual words spoken by a character in each of episode. THIS IS NOT MANDATORY.
-Once you receive the points you relinquish all rights to the title.
-If you have a question please post it so that it can be answered for all to see; they might be asking the same question. I will be hesitant to give out spoiler related questions, but ask anyways :)
-2000 points will be awarded to the winner of my choosing. 4000 points will be awarded if I receive 100 participants (more submission will make it more difficult to win, hence the higher reward).
-If there are no titles chosen, 2000 points will STILL be rewarded to the best title regardless of the number of participants and you will retain the right to the title. To clarify if 100 people participate and I do not chose a title the best title will receive 2000 points and I am not allowed to use the title (and you can sue me for a high quality commission of your favorite deviant artist if I use your title).
-You can either PM me or post the title. I will try to give feedback on titles that are posted.
-No artistry skill required :)
-**Important**An individual can submit a maximum of 5 titles - this is obviously to prevent someone from submitting 100 titles to have a greater chance to win. Anyone that submits more than 5 titles can be disqualified and their title can be chosen without points being rewarded, so please follow this rule.
-You can opt to have a reasonable project [project refers to my Kinetic Novel] related prize instead of points, i.e. a sprite or character of your likeness to be in the series.

Here are videos links. These are the only 2 episodes that have been completed so far:

Episode 4 - Taste the Grim Gaze
Episode 8 - Pray Fervently

I cannot think of any other rules other than to have fun and hopefully enjoy the videos (not required).

**Edit**I've gone ahead and added a synopsis**

Elow, Amalazia, and their bodyguard, Narboz are forced to flee their home, Granthar, during Elow's and Amal's wedding, which you can probably guess from the video. They reluctantly decide to head to Illiysia, a small kingdom that has yet to be conquered and and is ruled by Queen Eris. Heading to Illiysia is also Gnesix, Prince of Algail, a kingdom that is already controlled by Drakth, who was responsible for Elow's current displacement. Elow is also oblivious to the mystery surrounding his sword, The Grim Gaze, and its connection to Atis, a female Deity that is able to seduce death and who will appear only at a time when her "hatred of man causes her to realize her love for man." [Yeah that part is cheesy but w/e it's my story/hobby].

Drakth's goal is to get as many people to his religion, which seems to be pretty powerful, considering what happens at the end of Episode 8.

Hopefully that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. There is a ton of backstory [such as who is the man that appears at the end of Episode 4. He's not important to the title], but I want the viewer to speculate on their own as well. 

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